k1 visa Sep 09, 2019

The beginning of the legal journey to be in the same country as your partner can be daunting. There is so much information available on the internet, so how can you know which to trust when you’re beginning your K-1 visa journey?

Here’s my list of helpful resources for the K-1 visa process. These same sites have information about other visas, too.

To start with, of course you shouldn’t ignore the US government. If you’re looking for official information about the K-1 visa or any other US-based visa, this is where you’re going to find it.



There are a number of free forums where others going through the K-1 visa process share their experiences. This can be incredibly helpful because there are parts of the process that vary from country to country and embassy to embassy. Research the forums out there and find the ones that are most applicable and helpful to you. Of course, always remember that other people’s experiences are not to be taken as universal truths or official government policies, so be sure to check the dates on posts (outdated stories may have little relevance to your situation) and always, ALWAYS get a second opinion.


I’ve decided not to link here to any paid services, as I don’t want to give an unintentional endorsement to one company over another. I haven’t personally used any visa processing services, so I can’t speak from experience with any of them. Regardless, you may some free resources available from these sites as well. Google has the answers to all your questions, so ask away, consider the source, and make your own decisions.


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