love stories Sep 16, 2019

Hey kiddo,

I don’t think you’ll mind me calling you that. I’m not saying it to be patronizing; I’m just trying to remember which term of endearment is your favorite at this point in your life, and I’m hoping that will make you want to listen to me. I‌ know you aren’t crazy about taking advice from older, wiser people, especially when they’re telling you the things that feel like a BIG EFFING DEAL actually don’t matter.

But that’s the truth. The thoughts that keep you up at night don’t even matter any more to me. Here’s a crazysad fact for you: there will always, always, ALWAYS be thoughts and worries and fears that want to keep you up at night. I remind myself regularly that what’s bothering me today won’t matter in a year, and it helps. Maybe if you can start to learn that now it’ll make both of our lives a little bit easier.

And here’s the other thing. You know how you know yourself so...

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