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Stress to Bliss Package (One-Time)

You are so warmly invited to join us inside the “Stress to Bliss” coaching program to start on your transformational journey today.


“Stress to Bliss” is a 90-day program that includes weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me, KC! We follow this program format, and each week you’ll get a pre-session video and workbook from me to prepare:

  • Week 1: Setting Outcomes for your Dream Relationship
  • Week 2: Diving Deep into Mindset and Cause
  • Week 3: Learning about Yourself and Your Partner
  • Week 4: Mastering Communication and Love Languages
  • Week 5: What are Your Habits?
  • Week 6: Checking in with Culture/Family of Origin
  • Week 7: How Do You Fight?
  • Week 8: Repeating Patterns and Themes
  • Week 9: Uncovering and Transforming Limiting Beliefs
  • Week 10: What are Your Values?
  • Week 11: Cleaning Up and Forgiving
  • Week 12: Filling Your Toolbox

Let’s work together to replace your stress with the relationship you’ll treasure for years to come.

3 months of weekly coaching calls (60 minutes)//$1,200 investment.