Welcome to the

Transformation + Embodiment Society.

Do you find yourself struggling with goal setting? You make a New Year's resolution only to see it fall apart by January 3rd.
If you're ready to make a change, there's no need to wait until the start of a new year or even the start of a new week -- you can start to transform your life today!
Showing up every day may not be easy --- but it IS simple. And simple, small, aligned actions create BIG results.
I've seen it in my own life, my own work, and in the lives of all of my clients.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I want to change my life.
  • I want to start a new career.
  • I want to start a new relationship.
  • I want to end a relationship.
  • I want to start a new business.
  • I'm ready to transform my life.

In the Transformation + Embodiment Society, we provide the direction and accountability you need to change your life.

You'll get:
  • Daily (Monday - Friday at 6am, 9am, and 12pm Eastern time) co-working/accountability calls so that you can easily prioritize the habits and action steps that matter most to you ($600 value)
  • Enrollment in the Transform + Embody course, a framework to help you set and crush the goal of your dreams ($400 value)
    • First, establish your SMART goal and your action plan for making it a reality
    • Second, get clear on what your ideal day looks like and use TIME Techniques to install your goal in your future
    • Next, master my favorite techniques for staying strong when setbacks happen
    • Finally, access a guided hypnosis session, tailored for goal crushers like you, to set you up for future success
  • Monthly support/hot seat coaching calls for real-time help and guidance ($200 value)
  • Regular updates inside the course, including workshops, trainings, and live calls ($200+ value per month)
  • Access to a private community full of other goal chasers (Priceless)
I don't need to read anymore. Sign me up NOW!

This is for you if...

  • You've got ambition, but you're feeling a little lost on how to make your goal a reality.
  • You work alone, but you find it difficult to show up for yourself everyday -- sometimes you even miss working in an office!
  • You're learning to trust your wisdom and have integrity with the promises you make yourself, and you want to continue on that journey.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for a complicated system to follow to get to your goals.
  • You think the answer to your goal-achieving problem is going to come from someone else having the answers.
  • You're willing to pay for the results you want, but you aren't willing to show up daily to make them happen.


This is for me! Where do I sign up?

So, what's the investment?

Membership in the Transformation + Embodiment Society is offered on a sliding scale, from $197 to $397 per month. That includes:
  • Access to the Transform + Embody Goal-Setting Framework
  • 60 hours of coworking/accountability per month
  • Access to any live calls that happen during that month, as well as the archive of past ones
  • Opportunity to lead a session of your own
  • Peer coaching opportunities

Even if you were JUST paying for the coworking, it would be worth it to join TES. Sixty sessions per month works out to $6.62 per session. Try renting a desk for that price. What's more, imagine the progress that you can make towards your goal with 60 hours of dedicated focus.

I get it -- finding one hour a day can be a challenge. Yet, when you put it on your calendar as an appointment you can't miss, the time opens up. Come spend just one hour a day taking aligned, focused action towards your goal. In a month, working every weekday, that's 20 hours of focused effort. Half of a workweek in a full time job. How far can you get in that amount of time?
Even better news? We have 3 of these coworking/accountability sessions per weekday. To make the absolute most of your investment, you can come to all three. How you use that time is up to you: one daily session for each goal, as you chase down three distinct goals? Or three hours of focused action towards your biggest desire every single day? (Tell me you couldn't write a first draft of a book in that amount of time, I dare you.)

There's no long-term commitment required here. If you sign up today, I don't have any guilt tactics up my sleeve to get you to renew your subscription month after month. In fact, I'll encourage you as soon as you sign up to put a note on your calendar for 3 weeks from today. If you aren't getting the full value out of the membership, you can log in and cancel it right then in just a few clicks.

I need this -- I'm in!

Can you give yourself 20 hours?

Today, I'm simply asking you to give yourself one month to see what you can do. Come join us today, and then really commit to the next month -- 20 hours. Work through the Framework, let me send you a free coffee, and then show up and work side-by-side with me for the next 4 weeks. I know how powerful this time is, and I've seen firsthand how much can be accomplished -- the same is true for you. You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain.
I'm ready -- where do I sign up?

What others had to say about working together:

"I met with KC for an hour to work on releasing an old limiting belief and accepting a new belief around money. During that one hour together, I set a new income goal (I'm an entrepreneur) for the month and she helped me visualize it, feel it, and accept this new goal/belief as true. 

Leaving our session together, I felt energized, confident and creative! With these new feelings, I got to work planning and executing that new plan in business. I was so confident in this new belief that I didn't dwell on it throughout the month. I believed it would work out and it did! At the beginning of the new month when I ran my numbers for the end of the month prior, I realized that I had actually achieved the goal that I set in the meeting with KC. I was blown away! I highly recommend working with KC to work through and release any old patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you."


"My session with Borderless Coaching was very helpful. She made me feel comfortable and explained everything very well. I learned a lot and found it helpful to have a new perspective on my relationship and my role in improving it. We did a hypnosis session which I have never done before, but she made it feel very easy and relaxing. I really appreciate the fresh perspective that I now have! This is a great idea for anyone, regardless of whether you have issues you want to improve in your relationship or you just have a goal that you would like to reach together."


 "I came to KC at time that I was having a lot of communication issues with my partner. I'm from Colombia, he's from Egypt, and we have different love styles, different communication styles, different backgrounds. She really helped me with some visualization exercises, and some meditation and some hypnotherapy. These are usually methods I don't try or that I really haven't experienced before, and it really helped me to change my mindset at the moment. I was very stuck and in a very negative hole. After my session with KC, I felt like a weight had been lifted, and I was able to just focus on what I wanted to create and the vision of relationship that I wanted. Since then, I've had a more positive outlook on things and I haven't been so anxious about things in my relationship that were bothering me before."


I'm ready to join!