Transform Your Relationship from Stress to Bliss in 90 Days

Do you wish you and your partner understood each other better? Does it feel like it’s been a long time since you had fun together -- but not a long time since you had an argument?

Are the stresses of an intercultural or long-distance relationship more than you can take? The uncertainty of when you’ll be together, the never-ending misunderstandings and missed calls?

Do you find yourself doubting if this relationship is going to work -- or if it’s even worth it?

There is hope. And it is within YOU, at this very moment.

Even if your partner is not on board with “working on your relationship” together, the changes that YOU alone can make will ripple through your life, your relationship, and beyond.

When my husband and I first started dating, our different cultures, our past baggage, and our unspoken expectations caused a lot of stress. We met when I was living and working in Turkey, his home country, and we started a relationship without realizing the challenges that could come along with it. In the beginning, we both experienced stress, pressure from others in our lives, and doubts about our future together.

Through working on ourselves individually, we’ve created a relationship that exceeded all my dream expectations. By learning to understand ourselves better, we learned to understand each other, to navigate conflict well, and to stop the unfairness of having unspoken expectations.

Through this journey, I’ve become so inspired to help others create those dream relationships.There are enough things that are hard in an intercultural, international, long-distance relationship -- but staying immersed in love, fun, and stellar communication doesn’t need to be one of them.

An invitation:

You are so warmly invited to join us inside the “Stress to Bliss” coaching program to start on your transformational journey today.

“Stress to Bliss” is a 90-day program that includes weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me, KC! We follow this program format, and each week you’ll get a pre-session video and workbook from me to prepare:

Week 1: Setting Outcomes for your Dream Relationship

In this session, we will focus right in on setting specific, achievable goals for our time working together so that both you and I will know that we are on the right path. We will:

  • Take the temperature of your relationship today
  • Set goals for the next 90 days, getting really, really specific
  • Introduce a few new habits or techniques to kick start your progress toward your desired outcome

Week 2: Diving Deep into Mindset and Cause

In this session, we will lean in to the importance of mindset and being at cause in the work we are doing so that you can gain the largest possible benefit from this time together. We will:

  • Check in with your current mindset  and begin installing new habits to help it grow
  • Take an inventory of challenges in your life and examine them through the lens of “cause” rather than “effect”
  • Evaluate your goals from last week and make any necessary tweaks

Week 3: Learning about Yourself and Your Partner

In this session, we will check out different tools for learning about yourself and your partner so that you’ll be better equipped to grow as individuals and as a pair. We will:

  • Explore tools like the enneagram, Myers-Briggs, or other personality/spiritual tools that you are partial to
  • Practice tangible ways to apply these tools to your daily life and relationship
  • Check in with your goals and make any tweaks or changes

Week 4: Mastering Communication and Love Languages

In this session, we will do a deep dive into communication styles and love languages so that you and your partner can become fluent in the different languages of your relationship. We will:

  • Use real life examples to learn how to communicate more effectively and fairly
  • Apply the different love languages to fun experiments that you can do in your life and relationship
  • Check in with your goals and add or expand as necessary

Week 5: What are Your Habits?

In this session, we will look at your day-to-day life in your relationship and the little habits that make it up so that we can start to implement real change on that micro level. We will:

  • Visualize an ideal day and relationship and the habits that make it up
  • Examine how you spend your time and look for areas to introduce new habits
  • Check in with your goals and see if there are habits to introduce or remove to help you reach them

Week 6: Checking in with Culture/Family of Origin

In this session, we will examine the nature of your families and cultures of origin so that we can understand and work with the role culture plays in your relationship. We will:

  • Practice examining cultural/familial differences through a non-judgmental lens and releasing any arising judgment
  • Plan strategies for moving forward so that past resentments/struggles lose their grip
  • Do a halfway point check in with your goals, ensuring you are on track

Week 7: How Do You Fight?

In this session, we will work with my DIVE Framework for navigating conflict in a relationship so that you will be ready to gracefully work through any conflict that arises. We will:

  • Take the temperature of your current conflict habits, tactics, and style
  • Introduce the DIVE Framework and practice applying it to real situations in your life
  • Check in with your goals and make any necessary addition/amendments

Week 8: Repeating Patterns and Themes

In this session, we will search out any repeating patterns or themes that we have not yet uncovered, so that we can remove the obstacles that come along with them. We will:

  • Examine what arises through the lens of mindset and cause
  • Use TIME Techniques to release stubborn negative emotions
  • Check in with your goals

Week 9: Uncovering and Transforming Limiting Beliefs

In this session, we will transform any remaining limiting beliefs so that you will be able to grow and heal as much as you want. We will:

  • Identify any limiting beliefs we haven’t worked with yet, or any stubborn ones that are still in place
  • Release limiting beliefs using NLP, TIME Techniques, EFT, and/or hypnosis
  • Check in again with your goals

Week 10: What are Your Values?

In this session, we will explore your values, both as an individual and as a couple/family so that you can more easily make value-aligned decisions in the future. We will:

  • Decide on your personal values, checking their alignment in all areas of your life
  • Introduce tools for setting your values as a couple/family
  • Make any necessary tweaks to your goals to reflect your values

Week 11: Cleaning Up and Forgiving

In this session, we will dive deeper into what might be holding you back, releasing past situations that are continuing to drain your energy so that you can move forward. We will:

  • Cut the emotional ties of lingering resentment, shame, and regret
  • Practice forgiveness techniques you can add to your toolbox for future use
  • Check in with your goals and prepare to celebrate your success next week

Week 12: Filling Your Toolbox

In this session, we will ensure that you are prepared for success moving forward on your own. Your toolbox will be stocked with all the tools and techniques we’ve used, as well as a few powerful custom tools. We will:

  • Carry out and record a custom hypnosis and EFT session, for you to replay whenever you want in the future.
  • Review the techniques used during our 90 days together, as well as when to use each one.
  • Reflect on our goals accomplished and set your next set of goals for the future.

This is for you if:

  • You want to create your dream relationship but you don’t know where to start in the stressed out mess of your current love life.
  • You are ready to transform your relationship, marriage, or partnership from stress to bliss.
  • You are in an intercultural, international, or long-distance relationship and you are ready to overcome all those “obstacles” everyone is always talking about.
  • You know a dream relationship is possible, and you are no longer willing to settle.

Hi! I’m KC McCormick Çiftçi.

Today, I’m nurturing a happy, healthy marriage while supporting other folks in intercultural relationships through their own journeys. I’m a successful coach, podcaster, and author, and I love building community and working with amazing people like you.

But when my husband and I first started dating, it felt like all the odds were stacked against us. Neither one of us knew what we were doing, and our respective Turkish and American cultures differed greatly in their depictions of a functional relationship. My internet searches for helpful resources came up empty, so it felt like we were navigating a lot of challenges, from immigration options to cultural misunderstandings, without a map.

As we went through our own individual personal growth journeys, along with a successful fiance visa immigration process, the path ahead started to feel clearer. We learned how to communicate well and how to own our own growth rather than only expecting change from each other.

One of the things I’ve learned is that the majority of conflict and miscommunication that happens in intercultural marriages (or any intimate relationship) benefits from each of us as individuals doing inner work. This helps us better understand our own cultural influences and biases, rather than flinging blame at the other person.

Since then, I've been trained as a life and success coach, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, TIME Techniques practitioner, and EFT practitioner. WIth all of these powerful tools in my toolbelt, I've built the coaching program I always dreamed of.

The reason I started Borderless Stories is simply because I wish that it had existed in those early months and years of my relationship when I needed it and couldn’t find it. I believe people falling in love across geographical, political, religious, and cultural borders is a great source of hope in this world, and it’s my goal to do everything in my power to support those who do just that. I'm thrilled that you're here reading this page, and I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Moment of truth, friend. Time to make a decision:

Transform your relationship from stress to bliss with me in 90 days.

Investment: $1200 (Payment plans available.)

I'm Ready to Make a Change!

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"My session with Borderless Coaching was very helpful. She made me feel comfortable and explained everything very well. I learned a lot and found it helpful to have a new perspective on my relationship and my role in improving it. We did a hypnosis session which I have never done before, but she made it feel very easy and relaxing. I really appreciate the fresh perspective that I now have! This is a great idea for anyone, regardless of whether you have issues you want to improve in your relationship or you just have a goal that you would like to reach together."

Moment of truth, friend. Time to make a decision:

Transform your relationship from stress to bliss with me in 90 days.

Investment: $1200 (Payment plans available.)

I'm Ready to Make a Change!

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